The Experiment

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He had seen the experiments and knew better. He knew that his experiment was inhumane…
But the truth was… it was beautiful.
And there was the reason why no one else seemed to care. He knew that the research was designed to destroy people, and that it had always been his idea. He knew that the experiment was just to end things, and that he’d have nothing to do but wait.
In spite of their fear and worry, the experiment was necessary. The experiment was about to come to an end. The experiment wasn’t about to end… but… well… it doesn’t matter now.

It’s been three years. Five years since the first one started. The experiment must have started when the scientists tried to do something to change humans. Their experiments were horrible. And if anything were to happen to them… he would… the idea of a perfect world, would come crashing down upon him. The idea. Of peace. Of human life. Of the world he had spent his entire life in…

It began with simple experiments. He would be studying a small animal. A single male, a male that looked strikingly similar to that one. He would experiment with it in a large lab, with a larger and larger one just to test its intelligence. The test subjects would return home, the experiment’s subjects would have no reason to return. And he would experiment.

That’s how it’s been in his nightmares for the past three years. The men would come in and experiment, to test his ability to manipulate the creatures around him, but nothing would ever go right. As the men came closer to his room, and began testing him, he began to wonder about the men he had talked to in his nightmares.

A few nights ago, while he was studying in his study, and studying things, he saw one of his men staring directly through him. He noticed an odd emotion. Something about him. A look of concern struck and shocked him. He was scared, and this frightened the man a little bit. Was this fear of him? Was he an experiment? An experiment like him? Then he noticed something else in his reflection. His reflection was a small boy. That was the one he’d talk to the men a while back. He had a scared little face. It was the little boy’s face…

He looked away. That was when he realized… he was being watched.

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