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The hospital is on fire. Henrik Hanssen is trapped on the fifth floor. With no way out, he can only imagine the worst. But he doesn’t run. He can only hope to find a way in. He takes a deep breath, and his eyes slowly open. When he sees what happened, it is already too late to run.

He looks around at the twisted bodies of the hospital staff, all on the floor, his heart racing even as he is gasping for breath. He looks down at his hands, and sees the blood-soaked handkerchief he never wore before. He looks down at his own bloody hand and the stench of rotten blood is overwhelming. He looks down at his own bloody fingers, and in horror, he recognizes the smell, recognizes that it is his own blood. He looks down at his own blood, and knows the same thing he knows about himself, the same fear he must feel- he knows that it is all his fault. Not as much as the thought crosses his mind that there is no one left that can save him, and that he is the murderer of all innocents in this godforsaken hospital.

He sees the sign on the door of the operating room, and realizes instantly that it is his own name on the door. He turns around and heads for the door. He is so tired. So, so tired for what he did to all of them, but still he tries to push the thought down. He turns around, only to see no one, and the smell of burned meat is already creeping over him.

“This isn’t happening,” he shouts. “This isn’t happening. Get me out of there!” His voice sounds like it is a shout in pain, just like all of the others. He closes his eyes and his mind screams for his throat to be cut, but all he hears is the screams from the fire that he is just one more victim who will suffer this fate.

Henrik Hanssen slowly turns around, and sees none other than his friend, his best friend in this awful ordeal, his brother in all of this. He holds out his hand, but only for a moment. He hears what he can only describe as the screams. Just the screams.

And then he hears what he can only describe as his own screams, echoing through the air around him as the flames engulf the room before him. “Wake up,” he says. “Sleep.”

But he can not. He can not, because he knows it is all a dream, a dream which will soon fade to nothing.

to be continued…

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