The Great War – part I

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This is the fifth day of what feels like a never ending struggle. I have no idea where I am, what time it is. I do however know that this is the end. I have made the decision to come here to die. 

I have been training for my entire life. 

I have trained for my whole life for this exact purpose. I have trained to be part of something greater than myself. I have trained to be a commander in the making of a great war. I have trained to be part of the great military machine. 

I am now, after what seems like years, I am about to end my fight and rise up above my country once more. I am ready to lead the great battle to a global scale. 

As I step closer to the podium, the men and women who lead me step back and back in unison. I am to stand in front of the entire world and begin this grand war. 

I begin, “We have worked tirelessly over the last five days to construct this weapon. We have worked day in and day out to get this perfect weapon. We have spent what little time we have been given, on this, our greatest accomplishment in the human race. I have spent nearly my entire life dedicated to this very occasion, and with it, the dawn of a great war. And in this moment of peace, the people of the world look to me as a great leader for their own good. I believe that they will turn to me to turn this war into a great peace for their great nation.”

A man steps forward from the crowd, and begins to speak: 

“As President of the United States of America and the United States of Japan, I will not stand for violence. I will not stand for senseless bloodshed. I will not stand by and watch the lives of millions be wiped out in the name of a great war. I will not stand by and let my family die. I will not stand by and watch it happen. The United States is a great nation, but the United States is not the greatest country in the world. This nation will not fight itself against itself. The United States is a great nation, but not the greatest of nations.” 

I turn to the man before me, “Do you think there is a greater world out there? The world I could lead us to? All I see is my own reflection, and it is not mine, my own. How can you be so certain about something like this? If there was anything out there, I would believe that I could do my part to prevent it, but you tell me I can’t, so I’ll take my decision and move forward. I will not fight my own demise. I will not fight an unfair fight for one group or another. I will not fight a choice to fight a war that is against everyone else.” 

The man steps forward once more and speaks: 

“We are at peace now, and I believe that you believe that is a great cause for us to rejoice. But this is not the greatest war, not the greatest war for us to live in, and it is not the greatest war for us to be in. This is the greatest war we can possibly fight and win. I believe that this, for me, is the greatest of wars.” 

I turn to the men and women in the room and say: 

“What do I do now? What do I do now, when all I see is my own reflection?” 

I raise my hands above my head, and say:

“Do not fight a war that is against everyone else.” 

I stand as one of the leaders of the new United States of America. I have been chosen by my people to lead the people of the world to a world where we have a purpose, a purpose beyond our own selfless deeds. There will be no one left to stand against us, and there will be no one to stand against them, to fight against us. They will live for the rest of their days and years, and when that time comes, so will we.

I have given my life and soul to this great war, and if I am needed to stand beside my people, to fight for them, I will stand with them. In the world they live in, I am a commander, but in the world I am now, I am a friend and a friend is not a commander. And I cannot fight this war if there is no one left in it with me. It is too late, you are fighting against yourselves. It will be a great war, but it will be a great war nonetheless. It is a war worth fighting, it is one that we will have.

to be continued…

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