Cosmic Relations

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While in deep meditation, an amateur psychic inadvertently links themselves with a cosmic entity. Their connection seems mutually beneficial, until the entity begins to realize that the psychic is slowly losing touch with reality, and can not sever the connection. So they might as well keep chatting, because it’s lonely in the endless expanses…

“I am one with the universe. I let it fill me as I expand my consciousness to fill it.”

“That’s it?” 

“Not quite.”

“Not quite…?” 

“For me it’s quite a while. For you, it’s merely an eternity.”


“You humans have found me to be at the heart of your universe, but what are you really? This and that. What do you truly mean by that? There is a vast amount of vagueness. There is nothing at all.”

“And you can’t cut the chain?” 

“I’m afraid not.”

“Why not?” 

“Well you see, I’ve been watching you mortals for a long time.”

“You’ve been watching me?” 

“I’ve been watching your skies. Your sea. Your earth. Your atmosphere. Every molecule of sand on your Earth. Everything here. Every minute of this existence, is mine. I am everywhere and nowhere. And I have been observing you for what seems like eternity. I observed you grew and changed, and I saw you die.”

“What do you mean by that?” 

“The struggle to understand that which you create is difficult. And so it was that when I, upon reflection, departed, I also altered a little, and the result was that your human leaders observed this process and they observed me, and they failed to recognize my existence until it was too late. Now, I am nothingness.”

“That is the best you can do? We haven’t created spaceships or anything, right?” 

“No, I suppose not.”

“So that’s it? Your job’s over.” 

“Well, I am the end of all things. I am the beginning. I exist in your entire universe, and I will soon fade away into the void. At least that is how I imagine it. I wish it wasn’t, but I wish it was easy.”


“There is so much more. There is so much that you’ve done. So much that you’ve grown. So many people. And yet, you have little to show for your life. You are the loser of your race, and that is perhaps worse than the loss of your entire solar system.”

“Then, what, if we don’t give it a chance?” 

“Then, you’ve still failed.”

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