The Pandemic – part I

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The light was blinding.

When you have spent the last two decades of your life building yourself up a life outside, what else is there left to do but light up after years of darkness?

Dr. Tom Kuznoy

It was the final act of humanity’s last stand. The last of humanity. 

For four years, humanity had been searching for life outside of our atmosphere. We had to know if we had made the right decision. 

As the scientists had speculated for the past year, we were getting closer and closer to a solution to the problem of overpopulation. We had been building up a cure all for the most obvious of diseases. 

With all the information we had gathered from our various planets, we knew there had to be life somewhere out there. 

A small part of us knew that the answers to humanity’s questions could be found in every planet out there, but we needed the answers before we could create the cure. 

So we had spent the past two years building a colony. The colony wasn’t really any more than an asteroid on a giant spaceship.

The world was divided into three major countries: United States of America, Japan, and Russia. 

The first three major countries had very little contact with the rest of the world. The people who had been chosen to be the last ones to exist, the last ones who would live through the end of humanity, would be selected to survive. 

The second major country, China, had become incredibly militarized in the past two years of the war. It’s leader, Dr. Kuznoy, had created a disease that would kill almost everyone in two hours. He would kill anyone that he felt was less than 100 pounds.

There were two major countries that remained in contact with the rest of the world: America and Russia. America had a very poor life expectancy. Russia, on the other hand, was the oldest country in the world. 

It was nearly the end of the year, when the second major country, China, would be eliminated. It was very easy for the third and last country to be eliminated, but that didn’t stop people from feeling a bit sad. They felt that it would only be a matter of time before one of them would perish. 

One year before the end of the year, two months before the end of humanity, Dr. Kuznoy had uploaded his last test for the last time. It would be the last human to live. 

“Humanity has given me one last gift, to ensure the survival of my people. Humanity has given me a purpose in life. I have created the cure to death.” 

He walked down the hall, holding the small remote in his hand. 

“I hope that you all die in your sleep tonight. I hope that your families are able to find comfort in knowing that they will never have to see the light of day again. I hope that you all can find peace. I hope that you all can find your eternal peace.” 

The button was pushed. 


The world went dark.

to be continued…

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