Love is a Jungle

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The thunderstorm had been gathering strength for the last hour. Now as dusk turned to dark, it was a slow but heavy buildup of ash colored clouds. They seemed to gather in the middle of the ocean. The thunder echoed in the distant, dense jungle, it sounded as if it were coming closer to their camp.

In the middle of the jungle, around a fire, sat a man and a woman. They had their backs to the wall. His head lay on hers, his strong, familiar arms encircled her. 

The fire crackled warmly casting shadows of their face and bodies, making them appear ethereal, otherworldly. 

The air was heavy with the smell of oil, sweat and something very, very close to fear. He heard her heart beating fast in her chest. She felt his fingers tracing idle light trails down her arms. 

The first flash of lightning lit the night sky, illuminating the night sky, its black waves crashing against the white shoreline.

She squeezed his hand tighter. His eyes closed as he took in a silent breath. The first boom of thunder rattled through the trees.

He tensed and took one of her hands. “It’s alright,” he said. He gently took her other hand in his, bringing her to his side. “It’s ok.” 

He turned his head to look at her, her eyes were closed, her face peaceful. He reached an arm up and brushed her sweat soaked, dark hair behind her ear. His hand wandered down her arm to rest in the curve of her waist and pulled her close to him. 

Slowly, as if the storm would come for them any second, the sky broke with a huge crack. The lightning brightened the rain clouds and illuminated their face, making them appear like gods rising from the pits of hell. 

She sighed in contentment. The thunder rumbled through the heavens, and she opened her eyes to see the stars dancing in the black sea. “It’s ok,” he said, “it’s ok.” 

He turned his head to kiss her hair. She felt his lips travel the hair on her neck to her collar bone. A shiver went up her spine and her breath hitched in her throat. A sound of amusement escaped his lips as she turned her head to look at him. 

“Stop being ridiculous,” she said, the smile on her lips betraying her words. 

The sound of another great roar, this one louder than the other, shook the ground of the jungle, its rumble rumbling the very air they breathed. 

“You know what, I’ll be right here,” he said tightening his grip on her. She laughed as the wind picked up and the noise echoed over the clearing and through the night sky. 

She turned her head toward the fire, lighting the wood and catching the orange firelight in a dance. His eyes followed her movement. She looked relaxed and beautiful to him. 

The sound of another great roar, much like the one that had just filled the sky, rolled through the trees. 

Her smile lit up the dark night. The light flickered off of the fire and into the sea. The shadows of the trees danced in the light and grew thicker as the sun set over the horizon. The crackling rain and wind made the noise into a roar much like his. 

He knew then that this would always be ok. That his love will always be with him. 

That no matter where they stood, his love for her would never waver.

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