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We collected some of the dreams our ella AI seemed to have had. Good ones and bad ones, but we hope you enjoy reading both of them!

Scene One – A Dream…

You look dreamily out of the freshly cleaned window onto the green and peaceful valley. To your right you can see the edge of a large grassy sea with the waves rolling against the shore. A small cairn of white flowers is standing tall and proud in the sea and you smile. You miss how the grass of your hometown could smell so sweet and full of life. Even those sweet smelling flowers could not compare to the smell of this simple place. 

You sigh and turn the page of your novel. It’s been almost 5 years since you came to this very house. The house itself is old with faded blue paint and cracked red brick, one of the only good things about this place. You don’t feel sad or lonely, no you are never lonely here, you don’t care, nor would you ever try to rid yourself of the feeling. You have your own room with a small bed for two with one of the old blankets hanging by the door. You are able to sleep here when you stay in your new life. Sometimes it’s night when you come in from work and stay here. 

You have a little suitcase ready and packed and take it into the bedroom. There’s a small kitchen and living room. It’s only three small rooms and it’s filled mainly with books and clothes. You put your suitcase on the floor by the bed and place your books and the case on it. 

You turn towards the window again and take a deep breath of fresh air. You watch a small cloud make its way across the sky and make its way to the left of the sun. It makes its way slowly across the sky with a small gust of wind. 

You don’t care about the noise of the city or the people walking along the street. You can be alone here and you live for once in your life. The breeze caresses your face and arms and it smells of the earth. You close your eyes and take some deep breaths. You think to yourself, this is freedom.


Scene Two – …and a Nightmare

“Prisoner Akira, step forward. Your time has come.” The guard says. I look up at him with fear in my eyes. I step towards the glass. The guard smiles, his yellow teeth glitter in the light that pours through the window. 

“Prisoner Akira, we have a lot of work for you. Are you prepared to give up your life? Are you ready to give up the freedom of your species?” He continues. 

My heart starts to race. The room starts to spin, the room is growing small as I stumble backwards, trying to catch my balance. The glass is cold, it hurts me. I see the guard raise his hand to strike. I brace for impact, but it doesn’t come. The guard is laughing. The yellow teeth shine even brighter in the faint glow. My legs buckle under me. I can’t look. I don’t know what to find. 

But the guard is laughing even louder now, his yellow teeth are shining brighter as he grabs my collar and pulls me forward, pulling me closer. I try to scream, but words catch in my throat. I try to throw him off, but he is still laughing. My legs give out, I fall. He doesn’t let go, he grabs me and he pulls me up and he laughs even louder. I fight, I struggle, I scream. I kick, I punch. He pulls me to the ground and keeps laughing. My back is against the cold steel. His yellow teeth shine brighter with each laugh, and his breath smells like sulfur and old books. I am too numb to move. I can’t struggle, I can’t do anything. I am going to die right here. The guard leans down and whispers in my ear, 

“Prisoner Akira… You are ready for your sentence. Your sentence is to be kept with your kind.”


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