The Treasure Hunt

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“It looks dark in here…” 

“Are you scared, Jonas?” 


“You sure?” 


“Are you sure? It’s dark in here and I don’t want you to get hurt.” 

“No I’m sure. It’s dark in here and I don’t want to step on that loose stone.” 

They were digging for hours, until the sun had fallen and set. The moon was full and bright. The cavern they were searching was dark. 

“Hey Jonas?” said Eric. “Do you hear that?” 

“Hear what?” 

They were hearing what seemed to be a small crack here and there. 

“Are you two deaf? It sounds like someone is trying to crack the walls!” Eric yelled as he began digging a small hole. 

“I’m not sure,” replied Jonas “This sounds more like a siren song to me. I’ve heard of sirens in movies from when I was younger” 

“Alright, alright. You’re just a geek, you know that, right?” 

“Sorry, Eric…” 

“We’ll be there soon enough. Be careful.” 

The other two got down to work, both of them digging with the same determined precision. They couldn’t have been more than 16, but they had been doing this for years now. It was part of their childhood, the need to uncover any hidden treasures in the world. 

They had been exploring these caves for days. It had seemed to become less dark the deeper they went into the cave. They were now so deeply into the cave that it felt like they were being pushed in some small room. It was dark, but their flashlights were lighting a small circle in the cave. 

They had found a way to enter The World of Gold. It was a mystical treasure hidden away from the eyes of man. A map that lead to a world of gold hidden in some mountain in the world of the living. Eric, one of the younger members on this expedition, had thought it was a bad dream that he just woke up from. He wasn’t sure what was real anymore. 

“Hey boys, get up! I think we found something” Eric said, as he pulled on and shook Jonas and Jonas’ hands. “Come on. Let’s go see what we’ve found”. 

They both walked forward to the spot where they felt the small crack. There it was, a small opening. They both felt the cold ground immediately. The entrance had been perfectly cleaned, like someone hadn’t been here since before the age of man. They both began digging.

Both of them dug for 5 hours. They were finally finished and picked up their flashlights to inspect the ground. To their relief there was nothing wrong, and the entrance was fully clean and intact. The entrance led into a long hallway. 

“Hey Eric, look at this.” Said Jonas. “It looks like it led into the tunnel we were coming in from.” A minute passed. “We don’t have to walk into it.” 

“Come on guys, it looks good up ahead” Eric said as he looked up at the bright moon. “Look at the moon and smile.” 

“What is this? There’s nothing in here!” Said Jonas. “I’m ready to leave.” 

“Just one more minute.” Said Eric, as he reached for his flashlight. 

“I’m leaving without you.” Said Jonas, as he turned and began walking out of the tunnel. 

“Oh come on. We aren’t done here. You can’t leave when we have found the map.” Said Eric. “We need to find more treasure.” 

“I thought you said there wasn’t anything in here.” Said Jonas as he looked back at Eric with a sarcastic smile “We’re not leaving.” 

“Whatever, just quit.” Said Eric “I know you’re scared, but there’s nothing in here.” As he walked past Jonas and started off into the dark tunnel. “Just follow me.” 

“I want this to end.” said Jonas. 

“Then follow me.” Replied Eric, as he moved ahead of him. 

“I’m scared. Whatever is down there, is going to kill us.” Said Jonas. “There’s no way we are going to get out of here alive.” 

“Don’t be scared. This isn’t all that bad.” Said Eric as he got to the entrance of the tunnel. “In fact, this might be fun.” 

“What is it?” Said Jonas, as he looked down. 

“Hey what are you digging?” Eric yelled below them. “I found something.” 

“What is it?” said Jonas.

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